About HPL

High-pressure laminates are made of numerous layers of paper saturated with thermosetting resins and bonded through the combined action of heat (140/150°C) and high pressure for about 40/50 minutes.
The result is a stable, non-reactive, homogenous, non-porous, high-density product with a totally distinct physical and chemical profile from that of its constituent parts.
Furthermore, thanks to its extremely low permeability, HPL forms a barrier against potential formaldehyde leakage from any inner wooden components.

Composition ≈70%paperand≈30%thermo-settingresins


Overlay: a high-transparency paper which makes the surface of the laminate highly resistant to abrasions, scratches and the ageing effects of light. Only for printed decors.

Decorative paper: these colorful or decorative non-chlorinated papers can give the laminate a style of its own.

Kraft paper: the core paper, mostly brown colorful.